With over 30 years as an executive driving growth for major corporations and his own ventures, Patrick Clarke is an expert at acquiring and scaling companies. He has led multiple successful exits. 

At Lionheart Industries, Patrick started with one company and acquired five more, growing the investment from $6M to a $17M exit in nine years. All were backed by private equity. At Clarke Castings, he bought two companies out of bankruptcy for $4M, scaling them to $8M at exit. 

As a Senior VP at Figgie International, Patrick managed an extensive portfolio of companies globally across Fire Protection and Packaging groups. He led multiple strategic acquisitions. 

Through his firm LionHeart Advisors, Patrick has spent 30 years consulting for companies from $2M to $150M in sales on turnarounds and crisis management. His group includes six former CEOs and CFOs. 

With decades of experience acquiring, optimizing, and scaling enterprises. Patrick has a proven track record of multiplying investment and driving successful exits. His leadership capabilities and financial acumen accelerate growth. 

Hero Technologies Inc. (OTCQB-HENC) is a publicly-traded independent sponsor with a strategic niche in technology, hardware manufacturing, financial services, business services, telecom, and transportation.

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