George L. Puig is an accomplished senior executive and operations leader with over 25 years of experience driving growth and performance improvement for global companies. He has led large organizations with $200M to $1B+ in revenue across industries including business process outsourcing, healthcare, financial services, technology, and telecom. 

As EVP Global Operations at SITEL, Puig oversaw 65,000 employees and improved NPS ratings through strategic initiatives. As Chief Commercial Officer at TELUS International, he generated $400M in revenue from new logos. 

Puig has led successful business turnarounds, including at APAC Customer Service where as COO he grew revenue 35% to $400M and reduced expenses by $11M. He has also driven strong results in sales leadership roles at FutureStep and Ocwen Financial. 

His areas of expertise include merger and acquisition integration, operational optimization, client relationship management, and executive team development. Puig leverages strong analytical abilities and bias for action to accelerate growth. 

Hero Technologies Inc. (OTC-HENC) is a publicly-traded with a strategic niche in manufacturing, business services, health care, and construction.​

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