Ali Tabassi is an innovative telecommunications leader with over 30 years of experience driving growth, innovation, and operational excellence for wireless and broadband providers. He currently serves as COO for YTL Communications in Malaysia. 

At YTL, Tabassi has overseen the successful launch of nationwide WiMAX, LTE, and 5G networks, while growing the customer base from 0 to over 3 million subscribers. He has led the deployment of over 6000 base stations and 3 data centers. 

Previously, Tabassi held senior technology roles at Clearwire, Sprint Nextel, and SkyTel in the US. At ClearWire, he established global partnerships and drove standards development. At Sprint, he led 200 engineers in delivering key network upgrades and filed over 300 IP disclosures. 

Tabassi is adept at building highly skilled teams, negotiating complex commercial agreements, and forming mutually beneficial global partnerships. He holds leadership roles in industry organizations like the WiMAX Forum. 

With his deep technical knowledge and proven ability to drive large-scale strategic initiatives. Tabassi is a telecom visionary able to capitalize on emerging technologies. 

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