Ms. Gina Serkasevich

CEO, Secretary, and Treasurer

Ms. Gina Serkasevich, CPA, CMA is the Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Company. She previously worked for Holloman Corporation as the Director of Finance beginning in June 2012 and was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Holloman Energy Corporation in August 2014. She has more than 30 years of domestic and international corporate accounting and finance experience. She also served as U.S. Controller for EFLO Energy, Inc. (OTCQB), a company focused on the acquisition, exploration, and development of oil and gas assets in North America. Prior to 2012, Ms. Serkasevich worked in the Oil and Gas Tanker Transportation industry as a Regional Financial Manager for AET Inc. Limited (2011-2012), as a Financial Consultant for OSG Ship Management, Inc. (NYSE -OSG) (2009-2011) and as a Financial Controller/CFO for Stena Bulk LLC (1998-2008). During her 11-year tenure at Stena Bulk LLC, she established the financial, accounting, and reporting requirements for its new joint ventures and tanker pools with Sonanagol USA and held the Company Secretary position on both of those companies’ boards of directors.

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Mr. James Rowland

Marketing Advisor

Mr. James Rowland, the Marketing Advisor of Hero Technologies, is a marketing and e-commerce expert. For years, James has worked in various high-level marketing and business-related roles. Mr. Rowland is the Founder and CEO of PerfectCheckout.com, and current Business Development Specialist at Fulfillment.com. In prior roles, James has served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer for StevesGoods.com, Co-Founder and CTO of Direction, Inc., SEO Manager at BestSEOFirm.com, and SEO & Social Media Manager and Paradigm AMO Corp. James has also volunteered at The ALS Association, where he was responsible for the company’s website, webma.alsa.org. James brings a wealth of data-driven, success backed marketing experience to Hero Technologies.

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Mr. Marc Kasabasic

CEO, Blackbox Systems

Mr. Kasabasic grew up and resides in Michigan, attending higher education there, and now raising kids of my own here created the framework that our new innovative company will instill into its’ founding. His formative years were spent building and renovating houses and always involved in a complex teardown in the garage workshop. Spending many years in research and development at the graduate level, has provided him the skills and necessary characteristics to build a successful company with extremely complex industrial systems. Marc has a Bachelor’s of Science Civil Engineering & Architecture (BSCE& BSARCH), and Master of Science Civil Engineering MSCE. The last 12 years have been at in R&D at Lawrence Tech University as lead research engineer for the structural engineering department.
The R&D conducted over the years and skills developed in and out of the classroom helped provide the resources to create a company based on a relatively new industry. Mr. Kasabasic can apply creative, problem solving techniques, and technologies to innovate a revolution in the cannabis industry. While working as a R&D engineer by day, Mr. Kasasbasic was a Canna Engineer by night for the same twelve years with cofounder, Mr. Pielack. This time was spent researching the best and most scientific approach to take in development of cannabis systems, primarily aeroponic research by NASA. Mr. Kasabasic worked with Mr. Pielack to create the highest quality product scientifically possible, while also maintaining production efficiency and to reduce the need for excess labor. These concepts are the foundation of the BlackBox System that has been developed Cannabis industry. Marc has been growing cannabis since 2008 and an aeroponically since 2014.

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Mr. Hank Pielack

Senior Advisor, Blackbox Systems

Mr. Pielack has been cultivating cannabis cannabis hydroponically and aeroponically for 13 years. Mr. Pielack has been growing aeroponically since 2017 and hydroponically since 2008. Mr. Pielack seen the wonders of cannabis and the hardships of propagating it. Years of failure and the drive to never give up has produced a linear proprietary growing system that grows roots in air. With Co-Founder Marc Kasabasic, he has achieved what no one else thought was possible. A system that grows aeroponically high-quality clean cannabis at a lower cost. Being a sole proprietor for 25 year in the Flooring industry, owner, and operator of Creative Design Flooring, Mr. Pielack has learned to work well with others.

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Ms. Malissa Smith

CEO of Highly Relaxing LLC

Ms. Malissa Smith, Highly Relaxing’s products were created by founder, Malissa Smith, when she was suffering from and diagnosed with debilitating illnesses which left her unable to perform everyday activities without experiencing immense pain. Unable to find anything on the market to alleviate the intense pain, she began to research and develop a line of her own therapeutic products to include a natural topical rub and an organic blend of soothing salts to relieve aches and pains.

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Mr. William Hart

Securities Counsel

Mr. William Hart. Mr. William Hart is Hero Technologies’s Security Counsel. He has over 30 years’ experience as a corporate finance and securities attorney. As a qualified OTCQX Sponsor, Mr. William Hart provides professional guidance to issuers on creating investor demand as they build long-term relationships with management, assists in discerning the information that is material to the market and should be disclosed to investors, provides a professional review of the company’s disclosures, advises how to strategically improve interest in the company as it seeks to develop new and replace selling shareholders, and educates the Company to enable it to understand its responsibilities under the OTCQX Rules.

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Mr. Jim Marty


Mr. Jim Marty, CPA, CVA, is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Bridge West LLC, the first accounting firms in the world to focus solely on the cannabis and hemp industries.

Jim is a pioneer and a leader in the cannabis and hemp industries and is a nationally recognized and renowned expert on tax, accounting, and banking issues for these growing areas. Jim has been featured on Fox Business News, CNBC, and numerous other nationwide media outlets. Jim opened his practice to cannabis clients in 2009, the practice has grown to more than 400 cannabis and hemp clients nationwide.

In addition to providing his clients with exceptional tax preparation assistance and unparalleled client services, Jim is accredited in business valuation, intangible asset valuation, and certified in financial forensics. He is a qualified expert witness in jurisdictions in Colorado and California, and on over 30 occasions has provided testimony in Washington, Colorado, and California courts. Jim has testified for several cases involving business disputes, mergers and acquisitions, and business valuation issues.

Prior to founding Bridge West, Jim began his distinguished career at a national accounting firm in Boston, MA and then spent more than 30 years as the owner of a public accounting practice that assisted small businesses reach their financial goals. After gaining an in-depth understanding of corporate accounting, partnership, and individual taxation, Jim founded his private practice in Longmont, Colorado in 1984. At his predecessor firm, Jim oversaw a team of experts who provided clients with full-service accounting, business valuations, and expert witness services. In 2009, prior to the passage of HB 10-1284 and SB 10-109, the Colorado Medical Marijuana Code, Jim performed extensive research on the cannabis industry. Realizing the significance of the emerging industry, he searched for solutions regarding renting property to growers and/or dispensaries, opening a dispensary, supplying product to dispensaries and many other issues facing this new industry. Jim then traveled to San Francisco, California to meet with attorneys and accountants involved in the Champ case and other medical marijuana clients. As a result of his research, Jim decided to focus on the cannabis and hemp industries.

In 2015, Jim merged his non-cannabis clients with a CPA firm in Longmont, Colorado and dissolved Jim Marty and Associates, LLC. At that same time, he created Bridge West LLC, a new firm exclusively focused on the cannabis and hemp industries In 2017 his practice was acquired by Boeckermann Grafstrom & Mayer, a full-service CPA and Advisory firm founded in 1982 and located in Bloomington, St. Paul, and Sauk Centre, Minnesota, and Florida.

In recent years, Jim and the Bridge West team have expanded into assisting clients in the hemp industry. Beginning with the 2014 Farm Bill and with President Trump signing the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and CBD companies are a significant part of Bridge West’s client base.

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