Blackbox Systems and Technologies LLC

  • An Innovative, high-performance, and energy efficient cannabis cultivation laboratory complex utilizing cutting edge industrial technologies
  • Facility consists of the latest technology in sealed geothermically driven greenhouses
  • Lowest carbon footprint of any industry standards by harnessing the earth’s sun and geothermal properties, thus significantly reducing the need for high Co2 emitting energies
  • Technologies include robust odor control systems, proprietary zero-waste aeroponic growing system, and geothermal climate controlled environment
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Highly Relaxing

  • Highly Relaxing Inc. (the “Company”) is an emerging Cannabidiol (“CBD”) therapeutic company located in Henderson, Nevada that has topical agents and other creams and products for the consumer suffering from pain.
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Veteran HempCo

Veteran HempCo offers a variety of great packaging options for our hemp flower which is some of the best CBD on the market. This is the smokable form of hemp, typically the “cola” or top of the plant, which contains the highest concentration of cannabinoids and best “terpene” or flavor and smell profiles, perfect for daily CBD use, with only the highest quality hemp available.

As the distribution arm for Patriot Shield, Veteran HempCo has access to some of the best hemp flower in the country. With custom harvest plans, drying facilities, and all the logistics in-between, we’re able to hand pick top flowers for our retail partners. Check out our shop to view truly one of the best CBD hemp flower selections on the market.

All our product is tested, tasted, and veteran approved.

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