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Vetern Hemp CO

We at Veteran HempCo have made it our company mission to hold ourselves and our products to the highest of standards. We’ve taken the initiative to regularly submit the hemp and CBD products we provide to independent laboratories to ensure that anything sold to our customer is nothing short of the best. Having served in the United States Military, we’ve been instilled with honor and integrity as a way of life. As small business owners, we carry these values with us into everything we do. We believe in honesty and transparency.


Loadzpro is an AI Powered Digital Freight Marketplace Connecting Shippers to Reviewed / Data screened Truck Drivers & Transportation Providers. Leveraging AI & Machine Learning Technology to Make the Shipping Process Easier & Transparent for Anything being Transported Domestically & Internationally

Hero Technologies Inc. (OTCQB-HENC) is a publicly-traded independent sponsor with a strategic niche in technology, hardware manufacturing, financial services, business services, telecom, and transportation.

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