With over 20 years of hands-on experience, Michelle Owen is a dynamic Plant Operations Director who ensures manufacturing facilities run efficiently and safely. She has led multiple $10M P&L plants and one $100M plant for major companies like Lehigh Hanson, CEMEX, and Synagro Technologies. 

Michelle expertise includes process optimization, supply chain management, and lean manufacturing. By leading cross-functional teams, she has reduced costs, improved quality, and increased production capacity. 

At Icon Technology, Michelle oversaw a multi-million dollar startup facility, reducing raw material costs by 50% or $5M annually. She also led the implementation of all IT systems to enhance operations. 

Previously at Synagro for nearly a decade, Michelle increased operational volume and profit by 55% in her first year. She has a track record of turning plants around, with average profit increases of 250% in under a year. 

With a BS in Chemical Engineering and certification in Industrial Safety, Michelle is known for operational excellence and adapting quickly to deliver continuous improvement. Her leadership capabilities and strategic vision drive sustainable success. 

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