CEO, Blackbox Systems

Mr. Kasabasic grew up and resides in Michigan, attending higher education there, and now raising kids of my own here created the framework that our new innovative company will instill into its’ founding. His formative years were spent building and renovating houses and always involved in a complex teardown in the garage workshop. Spending many years in research and development at the graduate level, has provided him the skills and necessary characteristics to build a successful company with extremely complex industrial systems. Marc has a Bachelor’s of Science Civil Engineering & Architecture (BSCE& BSARCH), and Master of Science Civil Engineering MSCE. The last 12 years have been at in R&D at Lawrence Tech University as lead research engineer for the structural engineering department.
The R&D conducted over the years and skills developed in and out of the classroom helped provide the resources to create a company based on a relatively new industry. Mr. Kasabasic can apply creative, problem solving techniques, and technologies to innovate a revolution in the cannabis industry. While working as a R&D engineer by day, Mr. Kasasbasic was a Canna Engineer by night for the same twelve years with cofounder, Mr. Pielack. This time was spent researching the best and most scientific approach to take in development of cannabis systems, primarily aeroponic research by NASA. Mr. Kasabasic worked with Mr. Pielack to create the highest quality product scientifically possible, while also maintaining production efficiency and to reduce the need for excess labor. These concepts are the foundation of the BlackBox System that has been developed Cannabis industry. Marc has been growing cannabis since 2008 and an aeroponically since 2014.