Chief Cultivation Officer, Blackbox Systems

Mr. Pielack has been cultivating cannabis cannabis hydroponically and aeroponically for 13 years. Mr. Pielack has been growing aeroponically since 2017 and hydroponically since 2008. Mr. Pielack seen the wonders of cannabis and the hardships of propagating it. Years of failure and the drive to never give up has produced a linear proprietary growing system that grows roots in air. With Co-Founder Marc Kasabasic, he has achieved what no one else thought was possible. A system that grows aeroponically high-quality clean cannabis at a lower cost. Being a sole proprietor for 25 year in the Flooring industry, owner, and operator of Creative Design Flooring, Mr. Pielack has learned to work well with others. He believes his team is everything. Integrity, character, trustworthiness, and ingenuity is what separates his team from the rest.