With over 15 years of experience under his belt, Mamoon currently serves as an Investment Advisor at and leads New Ventures at Civicom. Before joining Civicom in 2021, he played an integral role at Rokk3r Labs as a Senior Strategist, managing a substantial portfolio of over 200 corporate innovation ventures and 50 investments. This positioned Rokk3r Labs as a prominent Venture Capital and Venture Builder firm in Florida. 

Prior to Rokk3r Labs, Mamoon spearheaded cross-border Venture Capital and accelerator initiatives as the Principal and Managing Partner at Accathon Capital. With a focus on high-growth sectors like Cyber Security, FinTech, Computer Vision, AI/ML Drones, VR/AR, and SaaS, he led strategic investments to drive business growth. Before diving into the world of Venture Capital, Mamoon was instrumental in product development and strategy for three NYC-based, venture-backed startups. 

With degrees in Computer Engineering, Mamoon is no stranger to technical problem-solving. He previously led an NFL/NYU Langone Medical Center R&D team of 16 as Research Lead, developing ML solutions for autism treatment and epilepsy  detection. While at NYU, he published notable research on a Kinect-based Concussion Monitoring System, recognized at the 22nd Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference in 2016. 

An advocate for sustainability, Mamoon channels his passion into advising clean energy and smart grid startups. His past research explored improving renewable energy storage battery life by up to 300% using proprietary optimization algorithms. 

Outside of work, the green belt in Kyokushin karate enjoys staying active with competitive squash.

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