George has led technology development and commercialization for organizations like DoD, DHS, Verizon and Aramco for over 15 years under his expertise. As Founder and VP of Videonext, he delivered solutions on time and on budget. Within 90 days, he devised a CRADA with the US NAvy for convoluted neural networking to increase embedded intelligence in their core software.

Before Videonext, George founded the Digital Division at Pensat International Communications, securing mid-seven figure contracts with giants like Saudi Telephone and Korea telecom within 12 months.

At BIodevelopment Corporation, he obtained FDA and DEA approval to market a narcotic addiction treatment drug within 33 months- that’s fast! He then negotiated two distribution deals in Europe before selling the company to Boehringer-Ingelheim.

Earlier in his career, George led a $350 million project across organizations like TExaco, Mobil and General Mining to demonstrate catalytic  hydrogen cracking technology. This led to commercial licenses worth $15 million each for Texaco and Amoco.

With an MBA from Harvard focused on project management, George has contributed to leading companies like Shell, Showa Denko, and Stone & Webster Engineering.

He’s been honored for innovation in addition treatment, catalytic hydrocracking, and holds a patent in video analysis. When not working, you can find George volunteering for causes like the International Sickle Cell Anemia Research Association.

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