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Hero Technologies Inc. is a publicly traded independent sponsor, where a significant portion of our efforts is dedicated to the diligent sourcing, identification, analysis, and acquisition of portfolio companies. We secure capital on a per-deal basis, forging partnerships with family offices, funds, and investment advisors for the equity component of our acquisitions. In addition, we collaborate with financial institutions such as banks and debt funds to optimize leverage in each transaction.

Our primary focus remains on roll-up transactions, where our research and discernment identify opportunities where a company, when viewed in isolation, may trade at a lower EBITDA multiple. However, through the aggregation of multiple similar companies, these multiples experience a remarkable augmentation. As dedicated aggregators, we are committed to harnessing the advantages of economies of scale and pursuing acquisitions that result in the creation of recognized market value.

Our value proposition extends to the broader market, where we actively contribute to liquidity and equity expansion. Through this iterative process, we foster the growth of our earnings.

We secure capital on a per-deal basis for the equity component of our acquisitions.


At Hero Technologies, our acquisition strategy utilizes a research-backed approach to systematically identify and execute strategic roll-up transactions.

We conduct thorough market research and analysis to target companies with the following ideal qualifications:

  •  Companies undervalued on a standalone basis but with high synergistic potential
  • Companies operating in fragmented markets ripe for roll-up aggregations
  • Companies with strong fundamentals but trading at lower EBITDA multiples
  • Companies with cost savings and revenue growth opportunities through merger integrations

With our comprehensive research, we can pinpoint ideal targets for roll-up deals. Our strategy merges complementary businesses to rapidly unlock value creation driven by economies of scale and increased market share.

By combining companies into larger, vertically integrated entities, we accelerate growth, optimize operations, and maximize stakeholder returns through assertive M&A execution. Our expertise and calculated approach to roll-ups compound earnings and asserted market value from day one.

We pride ourselves on our research rigor, industry knowledge, and transaction execution. Our roll-up strategy grows equity and profitability by scaling newly integrated entities. We look forward to driving value through our continued aggregation of strong but undervalued targets.


We acquire companies ready to reach new heights, then systematically increase their value and earnings. 

We look for promising yet overlooked tech startups and established businesses ready for their next phase of growth. Through smart, stage-by-stage execution, we make the enhancements needed to drive growth and boost market value. 

Our approach balances just the right amount of investment to accelerate growth while maintaining flexibility. We provide enough capital for our partners to thrive without overspending. 

By repeating this process across our divert portfolio, we steadily compound returns and expand equity. Our partnerships, financing strategy, and sponsorship program give us an edge in value creation. 

With experience scaling disruptive startups and mature companies alike, our team customizes the ideal interventions for each situation. We meet partners where they are and empower their path forward. 

Meaningful growth takes time, not overnight wins. But through our model of disciplined capital allocation and steady compounding, small bets transform into big returns. Our formula balances patience and momentum- the engine that propels our portfolio.

Our approach balances just the right amount of investment to accelerate growth while maintaining flexibility. 

Hero Technologies Inc. (OTC-HENC) is a publicly-traded with a strategic niche in manufacturing, business services, health care, and construction.

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