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Our company is a publicly traded firm with a specialty in acquiring and integrating companies across diverse technological and traditional sectors. In the tech spectrum, we focus on areas such as Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Telecommunications, and various areas of the Digital Economy like eCommerce, SaaS, IT Services, and Digital Media. We also develop our own innovative software products, complementing and enhancing our existing portfolio.

Beyond tech-focused enterprises, we strategically invest in revenue-generating companies across traditional sectors like manufacturing, construction, and IT. These are businesses that have demonstrated consistent performance, but have yet to fully exploit the potential of digital transformation. By applying advanced technologies, we uncover synergies, automate processes, and streamline workflows, ultimately enhancing their operations, EBITDA, and value for our common shareholders.

We specifically target acquisitions in the lower-middle and middle-market segments, businesses ripe for a technological revolution. Our robust team of AI engineers and industry advisors stand ready to facilitate a seamless integration and digital transformation.

Our team brings a wealth of experience to the table, with backgrounds in successful private equity exits and initial public offerings on NASDAQ. This expertise helps us guide our portfolio companies through their journey of digital transformation.

We are more than an investment firm; we are a technology partner committed to reshaping traditional industries. We aim to drive innovation and unlock untapped value, shaping a future where each company we partner with can maximize the power of technology to reach its full potential and provide unrivaled returns for our shareholders.

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