Investing in the Full Potential of Businesses

Finding synergies between businesses. Providing expertise and capital. Accelerating portfolio potential.


Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) is a publicly traded independent sponsor, where a significant portion of our efforts is dedicated to the diligent sourcing, identification, analysis, and acquisition of portfolio companies. We secure capital on a per-deal basis, forging partnerships with family offices, investment advisors, hedge-funds, and private equity funds for the equity component of our acquisitions. In addition, we collaborate with financial institutions such as banks and debt funds to optimize leverage in each transaction.

We secure capital on a per-deal basis for the equity component of our acquisitions.


We raise capital on a deal-by-deal basis, leveraging funding from banks and other trusted

We harness our partnerships with industry experts such as family offices and investment
advisors to maximize equity, while our research-backed approach optimize the impact of every

We assert our value creation in the open market, creating liquidity, expanding shareholder equity,
and from this iterative process we sustainably grow.


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Hero Technologies Inc. (OTC-HENC) is a publicly-traded with a strategic niche in manufacturing, business services, health care, and construction.

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