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Hero Technologies Inc. is a cannabis company, with a vertically integrated business model. The company has a majority stake in BlackBox Systems and Technologies LLC. BlackBox is an aeroponic cannabis cultivation system that provides optimal conditions to enhance photosynthesis and cultivation of large flowering plants, creating increased efficiencies. The BlackBox project consists of environmental growth chambers for the cultivation of large flowering plants based on aeroponic technology. Hero Technologies is planning expansion in cultivation and dispensary operations in Colorado through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Mile High Green LLC, as well as expanding similar operations in Massachusetts through an additional wholly-owned subsidiary, MassCannabis LLC. Hero Technologies owns and operates HighlyRelaxing.com under Highly Relaxing LLC. Hero Technologies recently acquired the assets of V Brokers LLC and now operates Veteranhempco.com.

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Blackbox Systems and Technologies LLC

  • An Innovative, high-performance, and energy efficient cannabis cultivation laboratory complex utilizing cutting edge industrial technologies
  • Facility consists of the latest technology in sealed geothermically driven greenhouses
  • Lowest carbon footprint of any industry standards by harnessing the earth’s sun and geothermal properties, thus significantly reducing the need for high Co2 emitting energies
  • Technologies include robust odor control systems, proprietary zero-waste aeroponic growing system, and geothermal climate controlled environment
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